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Nnamdi Ngwe may be out of breath from doing the Running Man for three minutes straight but he's ready to tackle Working Mothers, an episode where the title somehow manages to be more sexist than the content it represents. Look, all you need to know is Joey and Jesse might enter the advertising world full time and everyone is conspiring against them in the name of routine. The Tanners WILL NOT have their routine fucked royally by your insipid dreams! Nnamdi also gives us some insight on what it means to be a cool kid who couldn't help but kill it, be it on the soccer field or on the floor of his own private dance hall. Nnamdi is the best, so PAY ATTENTION.

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Adam Levin is no fool and that's why he's in school ... to earn his honorary degree in the art of being a rude dude! Look, these setups don't write themselves, people, LAY OFF. Adam is here to help us take down Fogged In, in which the Tanner household is consumed by a force straight out of Transylvania and everyone is forced to confront their personal shit. Jesse is afraid of emotions! DJ has no respect for personal space! Kimmy is somewhere, unseen, hovering mere inches above the ground as an ancient recitation spews from her coarse, blood-stained lips! A lot is happening. Stick around for the interview portion to learn about little Adam's unflailing need to respect authority, as well as the moment he realized death comes for us all. It's a hoot!

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