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MJ Price has a GPA no lower than 3.8 and this reason alone made her more than qualified to be a guest on our dumb, dumb show. She's a firecracker, a real gem, and she's here to help us discuss Joey Gets Tough. This one has it all, folks: Karate! Tiffany, live from Tokyo! Dave Coulier trying his best (we assume) attempt at angry acting! And just over there, to the side, in B Plot Land, Jesse and the Rippers are desperately trying to plug their show at The Sleeve. It's definitely television. Tell your friends about us, remember to pen an iTunes review if the mood strikes you, and find us on Facebook for all your social media needs. We love you like you were our own, dammit!

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Zack Shornick is an honorary Rude Dude ... but he may also be the last. Will Jon ever forgive Brandon for calling him a poopy poop-filled poop goblin? Even if Brandon apologized, would that be enough to bring them together once more? Only God and his divine angels know for sure. In the meantime, let's chat about Beach Boy Bingo, in which D.J. wins a stupid radio contest and the stupid Beach Boys show up to stumble around for a few minutes before putting on an awful concert for drunk college kids. It's a DISASTER. Zack is a gem, though, and we think he'll be a great co-host for Jon once Brandon is shipped off to some vague foreign land. Bye, Brandon! That's what you get for calling Jon a poopy poop-filled poop goblin! XOXO

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Claire Meyer is casting a side eye at your fake leg and is more than willing to do the same for the likes of Full House. This week we turn out attention to Jingle Hell, in which Joey spends his coke-fueled witching hours constructing puppets just so he can destory any chance Jesse has at a career in advertising. Great job, Joey! You're doing great! Claire was an absolutely fantastic guest and a veritable wellspring of Housewife trivia, so if your ears are ready, we're ready to fill 'em with audio goodness! P.S. Claire may or may not have a thing for Bob Saget. We may never know the truth! Remember, you can always leave us a glowing review in the iTunes store when you feel the time is right, or visit us on Facebook, Libsyn, or Tumblr. Send us e-mails at, while you're at it! XOXO

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Toby McMullen rode his fly as hell, awesome as fuck skateboard to the studio so he could aid in our discussion regarding D.J.'s Very First Horse, in which the oldest of the Tanner girls makes some startling discoveries while on the back of a strong, noble stallion named Rocket. Spoiler: Jonathon gets particularly graphic when describing said discoveries, but if you're allowing children to listen to this podcast that's clearly your mistake, not ours. Toby is a big ol' goof and we loved having him on the show, so let us know you feel the same way by leaving a five star review on iTunes and writing us at Tumblr, Facebook, Libsyn, Stitcher, we're all up on it, so help us spread the word! XOXO

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