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Taylor Brown crosses our threshold to rap about 'The Big Three-O', in which Danny faces the Grim Reaper and a mysterious car accident forces us to once again question the death of Pam Tanner. Warning: This is an especially silly episode fueled by our delicious sponsor, Mountain Dew Baja Blast, so get ready for a little more giggling and nonsensical riffing than usual. Thought about leaving a five star review for the show in the iTunes Store? Make that dream a reality today! Get in touch with us on Facebook or via! Let us know you're out there, fellow Rude Dudes.

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Adam Archer took a break from reciting the 3 Ninjas screenplay in its entirety to help us pick apart Joey's Place. Will Joey find his place ... in more ways than one? Or will he wind up in the gutter, bleeding from the mouth as punishment for his crimes against humanity? Only time will tell! If you have not yet found the time please consider leaving us a five star review in the iTunes Store. You can reach us via or say hello on our Facebook page, which could always use a few more fans. We love fans! And you! Kisses. Mmm, sweet kisses. Bye!

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Stacey Smith came over to put us in headlocks and break down The Miracle of Thanksgiving, an episode in which everyone is sad but no one is willing to seek the help of a licensed therapist. Tuck in for some crispy dark meat because it gets pretty damn dark! Have you left us a five star review in the iTunes store? Please do so and help us rise in the ranks of the online globosphere, or, you know, whatever it's called! Also please feel free to send us feedback via or on our Facebook page. See ya next week!

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Trevor Martin clomp-clomp-clomps through our door to sift through the nonsense that is Jesse's Girl, in which the questionably named Corina Spicer creates a rift between our least favorite uncles. Find out why Trevor dropped his nickname at just the right moment and how to do a better Cowardly Lion than Joey before leaving a five star review in the iTunes Store. Wanna get in touch with us? Shoot an e-mail our way via It will make us smile on our faces!

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Britta Rowings rode by on her trusty bike to wax intellectual on Knock Yourself Out, in which Danny proves he is not quite ready for primetime and Michelle is vaguely sick (or so we are told). Ms. Rowings also relays a bit of info regarding primordial dwarves, so you will not wanna miss a second of this show, trust. Fans can reach out to us by leaving a glowing review in the iTunes store or shooting us an e-mail at Love ya!

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