How Rude! The Full House Podcast

Stephen Kropa is in the house and let it be known right here and now: The studio gets a little dank during this recording session, ladies and gentlemen. The boys are sweaty and swampy, but they wouldn't have it any other way because they're RUDE DUDES, of course! Join them as they discuss Tanner vs. Gibbler, a harrowing tale of a friendship torn asunder by two 6th grade brats and someone known as The Duke. Will DJ and Kimmy repair their bond before the credits roll? Find out! Is their tale half as harrowing as Stephen's tale of The Three Lost Birthday Parties? No, it most assuredly isn't! Leave us a nice iTunes review, shoot us an e-mail at, follow us on Tumblr and Facebook and otherwise love the living hell out of us. We're so sweaty!

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