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February 2015
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Amy Thompson is currently working on her audition for the Police Academy! reboot but she was nice enough to sit with us and evaluate Pal Joey, in which Danny's festering resentment leads him to literally dig up the past and inspire a dreadful flashback to the 1960s. Meanwhile, there's a new chief in town when Harry falls head over heels for that backstabbing trollop of a slattern known as DJ. Amy was a positive peach of a guest and we think you're gonna dig her interview, so don't miss a second of her SFX antics. Reviews! iTunes! Five stars! Tumblr, Facebook, you know the drill!

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Mark Campbell is wearing an adorable Charlie Brown sweater and consequently could not be more prepared to discuss Little Shop of Sweaters, in which a perfect storm of idiotic circumstances lands DJ and Stephanie in prison. Well, maybe. Look, crimes are Goddamn straight up perpetrated in this half hour of television and we won't stand for it, ya hear? If you're a child thief like Mark or wanna hear about the Pokemon who didn't quite make the original roster, you're gonna Goddamn dig this episode of podcasting. Goddamn dig it, baby! XOXO

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Nnamdi Ngwe may be out of breath from doing the Running Man for three minutes straight but he's ready to tackle Working Mothers, an episode where the title somehow manages to be more sexist than the content it represents. Look, all you need to know is Joey and Jesse might enter the advertising world full time and everyone is conspiring against them in the name of routine. The Tanners WILL NOT have their routine fucked royally by your insipid dreams! Nnamdi also gives us some insight on what it means to be a cool kid who couldn't help but kill it, be it on the soccer field or on the floor of his own private dance hall. Nnamdi is the best, so PAY ATTENTION.

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Adam Levin is no fool and that's why he's in school ... to earn his honorary degree in the art of being a rude dude! Look, these setups don't write themselves, people, LAY OFF. Adam is here to help us take down Fogged In, in which the Tanner household is consumed by a force straight out of Transylvania and everyone is forced to confront their personal shit. Jesse is afraid of emotions! DJ has no respect for personal space! Kimmy is somewhere, unseen, hovering mere inches above the ground as an ancient recitation spews from her coarse, blood-stained lips! A lot is happening. Stick around for the interview portion to learn about little Adam's unflailing need to respect authority, as well as the moment he realized death comes for us all. It's a hoot!

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Lori Lewis may or may not be slowly stealing carefully chosen attributes from Lori Laughlin as part of some treachorous scheme ripped wholesale from a discarded Cronenberg movie .. and we're fine with that! Lori is here to help us evaluate the pros and cons of A Little Romance, in which Becky offers the men to a frothing horde of sexually starved women and DJ has her heart broken by Bastian as part of the neverending story that is ROMANCE. Also: Brandon's cool new song is given a spice injection when Jon gets in on the mix and Lori tells us about her lovey dovey salad days. It's a great episode that, like all the others, you won't wanna miss, so get on it, dude!

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Eunji Kim is wearing a hat and ready to help us discuss Middle Age Crazy, in which Stephanie marries her friend Harry in an attempt to escape the suffocating ambivalence of her family. Seriously, no one cares about Stephanie. It's a bummer! Eunji, on the other hand, is a star in the sky and we were so happy to have her on the show it's straight up ridiculous. Tell your friends and family to check out this and all of our past adventures and hey, why not leave a review in the iTunes Store? Word of mouth is key in the podcasting game, and if you want more of Eunji slapping Brandon in his own fuck dungeon, we need your gums to start flappin'. Start flappin', gums!

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Rich Alfonso may no longer be a child but, like all of us, he is a child at heart, which makes him more than qualified to discuss Our Very First Christmas Show. Prepare youself: Jesse's parents are heavily invested in his sex life, Danny is determined to convert his stale home movies into morning TV gold, and Stephanie has a crisis of faith when a snowstorm strands the Tanners at an airport terminal / bus station. We also learn about Rich's family traditions as well as what we pined for gift-wise as kids. Oh, and spoiler alert: Magic is all too real in the Full House universe and nothing will be the same as a result. As always, find us in the iTunes Store and leave us a five star review, 'cause only listeners like you can help us get the word out!

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Eric Harrington is a fart machine and he won't work for nobody but himself! He's also a beautiful guy and we were delighted to have him on to discuss Triple Date, in which Danny discovers his new flame is Jesse's OLD flame. Eh? Ya in? Meanwhile, DJ and Stephanie find themselves in a premise Lucille Ball would have found tiresome in the '50s. Will Danny get laid now that he's officially done humoring the ghost of his dead wife? Will Joey get laid considering he's, you know, a big bag of dumb? As always, ya gotta use your ears to find out. Make sure you peck out a quick review for us in the iTunes Store and use our Facebook page to find out all about our social media activity. You are our sons and daughters!

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MJ Price has a GPA no lower than 3.8 and this reason alone made her more than qualified to be a guest on our dumb, dumb show. She's a firecracker, a real gem, and she's here to help us discuss Joey Gets Tough. This one has it all, folks: Karate! Tiffany, live from Tokyo! Dave Coulier trying his best (we assume) attempt at angry acting! And just over there, to the side, in B Plot Land, Jesse and the Rippers are desperately trying to plug their show at The Sleeve. It's definitely television. Tell your friends about us, remember to pen an iTunes review if the mood strikes you, and find us on Facebook for all your social media needs. We love you like you were our own, dammit!

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Zack Shornick is an honorary Rude Dude ... but he may also be the last. Will Jon ever forgive Brandon for calling him a poopy poop-filled poop goblin? Even if Brandon apologized, would that be enough to bring them together once more? Only God and his divine angels know for sure. In the meantime, let's chat about Beach Boy Bingo, in which D.J. wins a stupid radio contest and the stupid Beach Boys show up to stumble around for a few minutes before putting on an awful concert for drunk college kids. It's a DISASTER. Zack is a gem, though, and we think he'll be a great co-host for Jon once Brandon is shipped off to some vague foreign land. Bye, Brandon! That's what you get for calling Jon a poopy poop-filled poop goblin! XOXO

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