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October 2014
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Zack Shornick is an honorary Rude Dude ... but he may also be the last. Will Jon ever forgive Brandon for calling him a poopy poop-filled poop goblin? Even if Brandon apologized, would that be enough to bring them together once more? Only God and his divine angels know for sure. In the meantime, let's chat about Beach Boy Bingo, in which D.J. wins a stupid radio contest and the stupid Beach Boys show up to stumble around for a few minutes before putting on an awful concert for drunk college kids. It's a DISASTER. Zack is a gem, though, and we think he'll be a great co-host for Jon once Brandon is shipped off to some vague foreign land. Bye, Brandon! That's what you get for calling Jon a poopy poop-filled poop goblin! XOXO

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Claire Meyer is casting a side eye at your fake leg and is more than willing to do the same for the likes of Full House. This week we turn out attention to Jingle Hell, in which Joey spends his coke-fueled witching hours constructing puppets just so he can destory any chance Jesse has at a career in advertising. Great job, Joey! You're doing great! Claire was an absolutely fantastic guest and a veritable wellspring of Housewife trivia, so if your ears are ready, we're ready to fill 'em with audio goodness! P.S. Claire may or may not have a thing for Bob Saget. We may never know the truth! Remember, you can always leave us a glowing review in the iTunes store when you feel the time is right, or visit us on Facebook, Libsyn, or Tumblr. Send us e-mails at, while you're at it! XOXO

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Toby McMullen rode his fly as hell, awesome as fuck skateboard to the studio so he could aid in our discussion regarding D.J.'s Very First Horse, in which the oldest of the Tanner girls makes some startling discoveries while on the back of a strong, noble stallion named Rocket. Spoiler: Jonathon gets particularly graphic when describing said discoveries, but if you're allowing children to listen to this podcast that's clearly your mistake, not ours. Toby is a big ol' goof and we loved having him on the show, so let us know you feel the same way by leaving a five star review on iTunes and writing us at Tumblr, Facebook, Libsyn, Stitcher, we're all up on it, so help us spread the word! XOXO

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Margaret Lebron just got out of an unproductive meeting with her high school guidance counselor and is more than ready to help us pick apart It's Not My Job, in which Jesse's vaguely Italian-Greek-Jewish-Bronx parents pay the Tanner home a visit and tensions arise over the family business (the family business being little more than a vague front for the mob). It's a great podcasting session so make sure you let us know as much on iTunes with a five star review or an e-mail sent directly to And don't forget to tell your friends about us!

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Stephen Kropa is in the house and let it be known right here and now: The studio gets a little dank during this recording session, ladies and gentlemen. The boys are sweaty and swampy, but they wouldn't have it any other way because they're RUDE DUDES, of course! Join them as they discuss Tanner vs. Gibbler, a harrowing tale of a friendship torn asunder by two 6th grade brats and someone known as The Duke. Will DJ and Kimmy repair their bond before the credits roll? Find out! Is their tale half as harrowing as Stephen's tale of The Three Lost Birthday Parties? No, it most assuredly isn't! Leave us a nice iTunes review, shoot us an e-mail at, follow us on Tumblr and Facebook and otherwise love the living hell out of us. We're so sweaty!

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Kate Kershaw took off her fancy winter gloves so she could give Cutting It Close a thorough examination. In this, the first episode of Season 2, Stephanie alters the course of Jesse's life forever during a simple game of Salon. Here's a lesson for all you new parents out there: A simple game of Salon shouldn't involve a pair of enormous, all too real scissors. Write that down, new parents! We also get to hear about Kate's childhood growing up in Appalachia as well as her sterling Roger Rabbit impression, so don't miss out, ya rude dudes! P.S. Have you left us a five star review in the iTunes Store? You'll receive kisses if you do! We're also on Tumblr ( and feedback can be sent to Thanks again to Zack Shornick for our logo and Cary Davenport for that spiffy cover of the Full House theme!

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Nico Carter was gonna go outside and fuck around but instead chose to stand with us and pick apart D.J. Tanner's Day Off, in which an absolutely exhausted pop star / drug addict morosely agrees to give the titular daughter an autograph ... but at what cost, Stacey Q? AT WHAT COST? As always, please encourage your friends to give us a shot and leave us a five star review in the iTunes Store. We're on Facebook, Libsyn, Stitcher, even Tumblr ( We're everywhere, baby, so help spread the word!

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Jessie Stegner has taken a short break from scrapbooking to aid us in our dissection of Mad Money, in which Jesse harbors a filthy secret and Joey can't seem to remember an astonishing debt from his past. If you're in the market for a crazed Monroe impersonator and DJ in a nauseating cowboy get-up then this is definitely your bag, baby. Don't forget, leave us a five star review in the iTunes store and shoot us a message at We await your kind words! And hey, did we mention we're on Tumblr now? Find us at, ya goofs.

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Becca Barish came back early from her trip to Israel just so she could be with us to discuss The Seven Month Itch, an epic two part saga in which almost nothing of consequence happens. True, Jesse moves out in a sexually impotent huff, and true, he hangs out with his supposedly cool friends at a ski lodge, but seriously, nothing much happens beyond that ... but there is a lot of padding! Get ready for padding, fans of said thing! If you haven't already please consider leaving us a five star review in the iTunes Store, checking us out on Facebook and shooting us an e-mail at Brandon will kiss you if you do as much! We can gurantee it, kiddo!

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Bill Letz scored a touchdown three pointer before helping us tackle Just One of the Guys, in which a sexy teen heartthrob makes a guest appearance as sexy teen cousin Steve. Will Steve's bristling masculinity drive DJ to the brink of bloody violence? Yes, yes, it most assuredly will do just that. After this delightful episode take a bit of time to leave us a five star review in the iTunes Store, check out the Facebook page and e-mail us at And when you're done with that you can hit the showers! Sports!

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